Atomic Energy Drink

was created a few years ago by Marc Lenaerts, after analysing the selling potential of energy drinks. He started distribution in Belgium, one of Europe`s most difficult markets.


Knodbaan 122
2520 Oelegem, Belgium
Tel. +32 (0) 475 288 606

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Atomic Energy Drink - Can


One of the key decisions for any new export company is to define how it is going to distribute its products internationally. In our case, we have been working closely with the Flanders Export Organisation, conducting worldwide research of beverage distributors. We have chosen this method as we favour working with already established companies, who have full knowledge of their home market.

Atomic Energy Drink - Distribution Sheme

Our main asset is to offer a product of better quality with a similar taste to the market leader, at a lowerprice. Apart from the different strengths of the product itself, we also maintain continuous dialogue with our clients, to ensure constant feed back on sales, marketing and stock position. Nothing less can be expected for successful collaboration. Our strategy is to build up strong and lasting partnerships. It is not only the product that is at the base of success, but also the distribution circle that has been created around it. The goal is to work together to penetrate this most profitable market segment.

Brand Name ATOMIC® Energy Drink
Packaging Aluminium slim cans
Can 25cl
Tray 24 x 25cl
Disposable Pallet 120 trays
Pallet weight ± 808kg
Pallet dimension Euro pallet
20`FCL 11 Euro pallets
1 320 trays x 24 cans
31 680 cans x 25cl
40`FCL 25 Euro pallets
3 000 trays x 24 cans
72 000 cans x 25cl

Labelling English,French, Italian,
Languages can be adjusted, if the
order is equal to 65 pallets, or if
a group order is placed.

Prices Ex--‐Works, FOB, CFR
Payment Irrevocable Confirmed Letter of Credit or

Atomic Energy Drink available in Australia soon .

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The Atomic Flyboard Team in Dubai.

The Atomic Flyboard Team in Dubai...

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Atomic Energy Drink will come to Egypt soon !

Atomic Energy Drink available in Egypt ....

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Atomic Energy Drink in Qatar !!

Atomic Energy Drink is now available in Qatar !!...

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