Company History

In 2001, the unique taste of ATOMIC® Energy Drink  was created by Marc Lenaerts, the founder of AtomicDrinks.


ATOMIC® Energy Drink was specifically developed to recover faster from intense physical and/or mental efforts and to help increase overall performance, both during the day or night.

Sharing Our Energy since 2001

Company Milestones

Marc Lenaerts, the founder of AtomicDrinks, creates the unique taste of ATOMIC® Energy Drink Classic.

RealPower is created by Marc Lenaerts in collaboration with Tripple J company. RealPower Energy and RealPower Sport becomes the official drink of Real Madrid Football Club.

The can of ATOMIC® Energy Drink is redesigned to its actual design.

AtomicDrinks launches Atomic Sugar Free, the Atomic 6-pack and a new 355ml can.

In 2010, AtomicDrinks participates in the creation of Energy Drinks Europe (EDE),  an association that represents the interests of European producers of energy drinks.


For many years EDE members have taken leadership in developing the energy drinks sector, building the scientific support for its products and taking responsibility in marketing them.


EDE’s objective is to take their commitment as individual companies forward and extend their leadership to the industry. Our mission is to take leadership on all issues related to energy drinks, engage in an open dialogue with public stakeholders and promote the responsible marketing of energy drinks.

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Development of two new flavors; ATOMIC® MOJITO and ATOMIC® MANGO.

Following our successful expansion in Central Europe, AtomicDrinks CE was established in Prague,  Czech Republic, in order to manage the sales, distribution and marketing of our products for all the Central European markets.

AtomicDrinks expands its capital  in order to facilitate its international expansion, as well as its ongoing development of new products.